ThoughtWeb becomes Acularo

Posted by OGA on 20 November 2017

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Congratulations to our partner ThoughtWeb Australia on the launch of their new brand name, Acularo, which reflects a new company ownership structure.
Acularo logo
ThoughtWeb is a leading business management platform that brings knowledge together, places it in context, assesses situations and recommends courses of action. OGA has integrated ThoughtWeb into our Enterprise Solutions. These are consulting-led solutions that deliver innovative information and decision support, helping enterprises to achieve business outcomes by improving their ability to deal with the complexity of governance/management and risk.
Acularo explains that ThoughtWeb's new name was inspired by the Latin words for accurate (accuratos) and clear (acclaro) – concepts central to Acularo’s vision of making people’s business lives easier.
OGA General Manager Petar Bielovich says, "As a primary Gold Partner of Acularo, we look forward to this new chapter and to the a visionary roadmap for future development of the ThoughtWeb software platform. Congratulations to the team and Acorn Capital."